We live a fairly low spend life…other than travel. 

When it comes to travel we are willing to spend what it takes to make the most of life.

Some folks prefer saving as much as possible when they are young to get to early retirement ASAP.  Mrs. RME and I have taken a more moderate approach and have traveled extensively in our 20’s and pushed back our early retirement date to the ripe old age of 40.

Why didn’t we just put our heads down and save every penny we made?  Life is short, and you never know what is in store. 

We want to enjoy life to it’s fullest and experience the world today. 

We have done our best to do just that, while balancing spending and saving for the future.  In this section I’ll share many of our travel stories.  We have taken over 100 trips this past decade and not a single one has gone according to plan.  Ever booked a flight then showed up to the wrong airport?  Ever had to take a 5 hour taxi cab with a foreign driver?  Ever passed out due to food poisoning with your seven month old en tow?  I’ll share these stories and many more.

Despite some of the funny stories, Mrs. RME and I are excellent trip planners and have enjoyed spectacular trips around the world.  Many people said that after we had a baby, things would change.  Our approach changed, but we still travel just as much. 

I’ll also share tips and tricks to travel with a baby and a toddler.

This section is mostly for fun, and I hope you enjoy!

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