My Experiences

Here I’ll share a bit about our journey over the years. I’ll share some funny stories, hard-learned lessons, and successes along the way.  I never had a financial mentor, and learned most things first hand through research and trial and error.

I’ll share some of my learnings in hope that you don’t make the same mistakes I did!

My Experiences will be divided up into three sections:

Personal Finance: Ill share details around our current financial position, our goals, and our path to achieve financial independence.  I’ll also share what worked, what didn’t and what to definitely stay away from!  
Travel: Mrs. RME, RME Jr., and I all love travel.  It is one of few things we like to really spend money on.  The experiences stay with you for a lifetime and change you forever.  I’ll share some of our favorite destinations and also share some of our tricks on how to travel with an infant and a toddler!
9-5 Job: I’ve been fortunate to work many interesting jobs over the years, and had the chance the observe the inner works of a Fortune 500 company.  Despite never being a top exec with a seven figure salary, I had the chance to work right alongside them and have some highly entertaining stories to tell.  

Have an interesting story to tell or want to be a guest post?  Drop me a line!

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