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Retirement Made Easy – Life is Hard, Retirement Shouldn’t Have to Be…

There are endless personal finance, investing, and retirement resources available today. So why did I start yet another website? Over time, I grew frustrated at the lack of organization and flow of information on many of these sites. Without a doubt, fantastic information and brilliant authors, but I was struggling to put all the pieces together, and thought others might be frustrated as well.

The goal of this site is exactly what the title implies. I want to make retirement easy, for everyone. I will provide a comprehensive resource base, in a format and language that EVERYONE and ANYONE can consume. The world of money often appears complex and confusing, requiring a background on wall street to even get started. For the longest time, I felt that you had to have designer suits, expensive shoes, and slicked back hair to invest.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Wealth building and financial freedom is something EVERYONE can achieve. Let me help you see how.

The primary hub of this site is the Ultimate Guide to Early Retirement. Organized into three levels:

Level 1 – The Basics: Introduces the 7 fundamentals of early retirement. Start here.
Level 2 – On Your Way: After the 7 fundamentals, it is time to start making some real progress. In depth articles on investing, saving, withdrawal strategies, and more.
Level 3 – Optimization: Once you are cruising along towards your goals, Level 3 helps ensure you are fully optimized to achieve freedom a soon as possible.

To make content as easy as possible to utilize, each article in the Ultimate Guide to Early Retirement – Levels 1, 2, and 3 will have the exact same format:

• Concept Introduction
• Summary and Key Points
• Full Context and Background
• Key Takeaways
• Your Next Steps

Basic knowledge of money, investing, and retirement concepts alone aren’t always enough to get things moving. Most people need to see examples of how to tackle real-world problems. To account for these real-world examples, and help you see how easy they are to tackle, I have created the Case Studies Series, a Spouses’ Perspective, and Supplemental Reading sections.

Case Studies: Real numbers laid out as simple as possible. Everyone can find someone they relate to in this series and see how easy it is to make the changes to put yourself on the right track. Case studies are broken down into sub-sections: Average American Series, This or That?, and Reader Submissions.
A Spouses’ Perspective: Written by Mrs. RME, this series shares critical insights from the other side. If you have a partner, getting them on board early is crucial and Mrs. RME will share her perspective on ways to do just that.
Supplemental Reading: A plethora of other information for you to ponder. While Levels 1, 2, and 3 will likely cover the needs of most, the Supplemental Reading section offers short articles sure to stimulate new ideas and personal progress.

My goal is for you to walk away not only informed and educated, but also empowered and confident on how you can achieve your financial goals!

Life is hard…retirement shouldn’t have to be!

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