Ultimate Guide to Early Retirement = RME Command Center

Organized into three levels:

Level 1 – The Basics: Introduces the 7 fundamentals of early retirement. Start here.
Level 2 – On Your Way: After the 7 fundamentals, it is time to start making some real progress. In depth articles on investing, saving, withdrawal strategies, and more.
Level 3 – Optimization: Once you are cruising along towards your goals, Level 3 helps ensure you are fully optimized to achieve freedom a soon as possible.

Basic knowledge of money, investing, and retirement concepts alone aren’t always enough to get things moving. Most people need to see examples of how to tackle real-world problems. To account for these real-world examples, and help you see how easy they are to tackle, we have included the Case Studies Series, a Spouses’ Perspective, and a Supplemental Reading section.

Case Studies: Real numbers laid out as simple as possible. Everyone can find someone they relate to in this series and see how easy it is to make changes to put yourself on the right track. Case studies are broken down into multiple sub-sections.

  • Average American: A series covering college students to traditional retirees, you’ll see what an average person looks like and how you can make sure you aren’t average too.
  • This or That?: Pay off the house or invest for retirement? Save for my son’s college or max out my 401K? Common questions that everyone has are answered using real numbers and examples.
  • Reader Submissions: I walk through case studies submitted by you, the reader, and help get you back on track.

A Spouses’ Perspective: Written by Mrs. RME, this series shares critical insights from the other side. If you have a partner, getting them on board early is crucial and Mrs. RME will share her perspective on ways to do just that.
Supplemental Reading: A plethora of other information for you to ponder. While Levels 1, 2, and 3 will likely cover the needs of most, the Supplemental Reading section offers short articles sure to stimulate new ideas and personal progress.

The articles for Levels 1, 2, and 3 will be posted chronologically on a weekly basis, to allow the reader to follow along in a narrative fashion, which will hopefully make the material even easier to consume.

I also have a posting schedule below and on the homepage to help you get a feel for what is coming next.

Level 1 – Winter 2018: 9 Articles
Level 2 – Summer 2018: 40-50 Articles
Level 3 – Spring 2019: 30-40 Articles

Case Studies – Winter 2018: Ongoing Series
A Spouses’ Perspective – Winter 2018: Ongoing Series
Supplemental Reading – Winter 2018: Ongoing Series

I will also post articles from time to time to share experiences from my own financial journey, 9-5 job, and our travels around the world!


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