Case Studies – Average American

The Average American Case Studies are designed to give you insight into the situation your friend down the street might be experiencing.  I have researched and pulled data from numerous public sources to see what the financial position of the average american looks like, at various ages and points in their life.  In short?  The findings are pretty scary. 

The average american has some work to do when it comes to their personal finances.

I’ll share what the income, debt, retirement savings, etc. looks like for Americans of all ages, and provide a path to improving their situation.

This series is aimed at helping you see how easy it is to make the changes required to put the average american on the fast track to achieving their financial goals.  You’ll certainly find someone you relate to in this series, as  I will cover folks of all age ranges.

Average American Case Studies

  • Mid-Career 
  • College Student (May 7)
  • Late-Career (Jun. 18)
  • New Hire (Summer 2018)
  • Early Retiree (Summer 2018)
  • Standard Retiree (Fall 2018)
  • New Hire Doctor (Coming Soon)
  • Mid-Career Teacher (Coming Soon)
  • Cashier (Coming Soon)
  • Registered Nurse (Coming Soon)
  • Investment Banker (Coming Soon)
  • Janitor (Coming Soon)

Many more to come!  

Have an idea of a case study that you would like to see?  Drop me a line!

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