A Spouses’ Perspective

Regardless of how hard you work, how much you save, or how savvy you are at investing, the biggest impact on achieving your financial goals is rarely the money itself.  Often overlooked is the impact your significant other has on your finances.  From the money spent or saved, agreeing to invest in something conservative or aggressive, to buying a big house or small house, all things require alignment from both sides of the relationship to achieve success (much less remain alive and unharmed!).

Money problems are the number one relationship issue…and has been for decades.

I have always had the goal of achieving financial independence and retiring early.  However, my wife, Mrs. RME has only more recently jumped on board.  She has always been a great saver, but struggled with the concept of early retirement and why it is something we should strive for.

A Spouses’ Perspective series is written completely by Mrs. RME.

She has a bit of a different perspective to share.  Getting your spouse on board with your financial goals early is critical, and she will share her experiences and some ideas to help smooth things out along the way.

Master everything in the Ultimate Guide to Early Retirement but fail to acknowledge how critical it is to get your significant other on board as well?  You might as well not have any goals at all…you are doomed.  

Let Mrs. RME help you out.

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