9-5 Job

Despite grabbing a degree in Math and Science, I have been given the opportunity to work some pretty diverse jobs over the years. 

A few of my experiences:

  • Held multiple supervisory positions with various technical teams
  • Had the opportunity to run a $1B budget…yes, B as in Billion
  • Worked with buy-side and sell-side market analysts and well known investors
  • Worked closely with a communications team to drive branding, corporate engagement, and plan large corporate functions
  • Designed and taught numerous technical and business courses to thousands 
  • Went through multiple large-scale layoffs… 

The 9-5 over the last decade hasn’t been all bad.  Despite my lack of desire to be held to such a rigid office schedule everyday, I have found much enjoyment  in corporate america as it has given me some exceptionally unique experiences I would not have otherwise had.  Life is all about interesting experiences, and corporate america has provided plenty.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ready for the 9-5 to end sooner rather than later, but at least it has been an interesting ride this last decade.

In this section I’ll share my insights gained by working such diverse jobs in good old corporate america.  I hope they are both entertaining and helpful in getting you where you want to be!

Have an interesting story you would like to share?  Drop me a line!

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