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This site is dedicated to helping you see how easy retirement and financial freedom can be.  We work hard to ensure that our content and this site are easy to follow, helping even the most financially challenged reach their money goals, and gain their freedom!  Let’s get started!

This site is intended to be a resource for those who have a desire to master money, and take control of their lives.  Levels 1, 2, and 3 of the Ultimate Guide to Early Retirement is designed to teach you everything you need to know to confidently master money.  Each article in the series covers a different concept, conveys easy to consume information, and provides practical steps you can take to start making progress today.

While there are endless personal finance blogs out there, this site sets itself apart by offering information in an exceptionally easy to use format.  While most sites disperse expert information, it is frequently a bit disjointed, leaving the reader frustrated on where to go next, or how all the pieces fit together.  This site breaks down information into easy to consume pieces, written in a narrative fashion for you to follow along.

Ultimate Guide to Early Retirement:  The premier resource in helping you achieve your financial goals.

  • Level 1 – The Basics: The foundation for all things retirement.  Regardless of age, expertise, or level of savings, start here.

  • Level 2 – On Your Way: In-depth details on more advanced financial concepts and tangible actions to help you get moving towards your goals.

  • Level 3 – Optimization: Advice on how to further refine your lifestyle and finances to ensure you reach your goals as quickly as possible.

Basic knowledge of money, investing, and retirement concepts alone aren’t always enough to get things moving.  Most people need to see examples of how to tackle real-world problems.  To account for these real-world examples, and help you see how easy they are to tackle, we have included the Case Studies Series, a Spouses’ Perspective, and a Supplemental Reading section.

  • Case Studies: Real numbers laid out as simple as possible.  Everyone can find someone they relate to in this series and see how easy it is to make changes to put yourself on the right track.  Case studies are broken down into multiple sub-sections:
    • Average American: A series covering college students to traditional retirees, you’ll see what an average person looks like and how you can make sure you aren’t average too.
    • This or That?: Pay off the house or invest for retirement?  Save for my sons college or max out my 401K?  Common questions that everyone has are answered using real numbers and examples.
    • Reader Submissions: I walk through case studies submitted by you, the reader, and help get you back on track.
  • A Spouses’ Perspective: Written by Mrs. RME, this series shares critical insights from the other side.  If you have a partner, getting them on board early is crucial and Mrs. RME will share her perspective on ways to do just that.
  • Supplemental Reading: A plethora of other information for you to ponder.  While Levels 1, 2, and 3 will likely cover the needs of most, the Supplemental Reading section offers short articles sure to stimulate new ideas and personal progress.

Here I will discuss a bit lighter content.  Posts may be a bit less frequent and will cover:

  • Personal Finance: The financial journey for the RME family, and our progress towards early retirement.
  • Travel: Aside from the world of personal finance, our passion is travel.  Seeing the world and experiencing other cultures is the gift that keeps on giving.  We share our stories and experiences of traveling with a toddler.
  • 9-5 job: Insight and experiences from having worked various technical and leadership positions at a Fortune 500 company.

Mr. and Mrs. RME are in their early 30s and well on their way to early retirement and financial freedom.  

Mr. RME has advanced degrees in math and science and has spent the past decade in various leadership positions of a Fortune 500 company, gaining knowledge of investments, finance, and how to master money.  His passions are personal finance, travel, and helping you see how easy achieving retirement can be and is the primary author for this site!

Mrs. RME acquired a specialized business degree, has also worked a highly successful career in corporate america, and now enjoys raising RME Jr. from home. Oh! She is also the technical director for this website. 

We both love to have fun, work hard, and look forward to helping you achieve your dreams of financial freedom!

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  • Level 1 – The Basics – Your Life in Retirement

    Level 1 – The Basics – Your Life in Retirement

    I don’t know about you, but when I was younger and used to think about money, I assumed it was just math, dollars and cents. All you had to do was understand how simple math worked, make a bunch of money, save it all and invest. You are good to go! As it turns out, this was only part of the equation. Without a doubt, having the knowledge around the math of early retirement is a must, but just as an important is understanding the physiological components of money, and your life when you no longer “earn” money. In the …Read More »
  • Level 1 – The Basics – Withdrawal

    Level 1 – The Basics – Withdrawal

    On the journey to early retirement, knowing exactly how you plan to access your savings is key. It's hard to plan for the future, when access to funds is murky. Most people think that early retirement is impossible in part due to the rules governing withdrawals from retirement accounts. For instance, one of the most common questions I hear is “all my savings are in my 401K, and I want to retire at 40. How do I access my money without handing over massive amounts of money in penalty payments???”Read More »
  • Level 1 – The Basics – Investing

    Level 1 – The Basics – Investing

    When it comes to financial independence, you absolutely must master income, savings, spending, and debt. Mastering investing actually isn’t required to become financially independent, but boy, it sure does help! Investing, in its simplest form, is using money, to make more money. You trade your valued money today for an expected return, or greater sum of money, in the future. As you raise your income, increase your savings, take control of your spending, and pay down your debt, you’ll have extra cash on hand... You have a choice to invest, or stash under your mattress. Both will eventually get you …Read More »
  • Level 1 – The Basics – Debt

    Level 1 – The Basics – Debt

    Income and savings, and associated spending, drive success towards financial independence and achieving early retirement. Debt, on the other hand, is the wildcard. It can completely cripple any chance of reaching financial or, it can be an accelerant and turbo charge the dollars coming in the door. I view debt in five separate buckets. They are mortgage, credit card, student loans, auto loans, and other. Mortgage. Mortgage is a term that that describes a loan for a piece of real estate. Most folks know a mortgage as the bill they pay each month to keep their house. There are various …Read More »
  • A Spouse’s Perspective – What is FI and What it Means to Me

    A Spouse’s Perspective – What is FI and What it Means to Me

    Hello! I am Mrs. RME and am here to offer my perspective on our journey to financial independence/FI/ early retirement/FIRE…call it what you want but, basically our journey to FREEDOM. My role at Retirement Made Easy is to convey a spouse’s perspective (and sometimes sympathize with you 😊) for when you think your spouse has gone off the deep end in regard to your personal finances…they might actually be on to something amazing. If/when your spouse suggests eating Ramen for a month to see what that does to your monthly savings rate…that’s a big time NO…every time. It is absolutely …Read More »
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